Destiny, the essence of our existence

Destiny, the essence of our existence, is a two-way thing; God designs, man discovers. When the Wright brothers saw the need to fly, they invented the airplane, when faraday saw the need for power, he figured electricity, Thomas Edison was tired of conventional local lamps, he then invented the light bulb, but you see, these men were able to do these things because they discovered destiny. We only applaud them for their contributions to humanity, but they would not have if God didn’t design them to solve that problem and if they didn’t get up to discover the solutions they were supposed to proffer.

There’s the God factor and there’s the man factor. I’ve been considering the basics for fulfillment of our divine destiny until I witness divine direction. We saw how that one voice from God changed Abraham’s life. We are just one voice away from our destiny. Divine direction prevents disaster and destruction. It is not possible to reach your destination until you hear God consistently.

In this article, we’ll consider a cogent force required to get destiny to a place of fulfillment; the force of “potential release”; the bible declares how God breathe upon man and then man became a living soul. Notice friends, God didn’t just breathe into man to give life, embedded in that breath are potentials, embedded in that breath are possibilities, acute realities waiting to be manifest, that was what god passed into man via his breath otherwise he would have had to breath into all other creatures that were  not man.

Your potentials opens up your authority, it opens up opportunities. David’s potentials took him first to the palace as a musician, his potential as a good shepherd took him to the warfront, and his potential as a victorious warrior finally brought him back to the palace as a king. You’re created with unimaginable realities on your inside, but until you let it out, you remain in obscurity.  Nothing works for a man with buried potential, remember the parable of the talents, the servants given 5, 2, and 1 talents respectively, the guy that buried his talent was cast out and punished.

Your “gift” is a key to your “lift”. It is not possible to bury your gift and rise in life. Release your potentials friends, until you do you are not living yet. Let the world see the reason for your coming. Never depend on human approval to discern and live out destiny. Obviously, is the fact that destiny as it were, is a race of singularity. Your destiny, your vision and its operational pattern is exclusive to you and you alone. No one understands the dynamic dimensions of the execution of your destiny like you do.

To wait for people to approve of your actions is to waste away. David took a sling and five stones to confront a giant. The king and others didn’t approve of his choice of weapon yet he went with it. Suppose he went ahead to attack goliath with the weapons provided by the king, he would have wasted away. Never depend on man to decide your move as long as destiny is concerned, they were not there when it was stated, and nobody received your vision with you. Dynamism is one outstanding feature of destiny; Lionel Messi and Christian Ronaldo are star players, principalities in their own world but yet, their styles are different. Get to know your unique pattern, build conviction around it and follow it. Do not let anyone kill your God given vision; it’s yours for the seeing and exclusively yours for the taking.


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