How to easily apply for U.S visa without rigorous process

How to easily apply for U.S visa without rigorous process

IMMIGRANT APPLICANTS– In order to pick up your immigrant visa issued in Lagos, you MUST create an account.  Once you create an account, you MUST create/register a profile.   Creating an account online gives U.S embassy the information they need to return your passport and documents to you after your interview. When your documents are ready for pick up, you will receive an SMS and email notice on the phone number and email address provided on the link below. It is therefore important that you provide the correct information. Registration is free.

Create an account here for free:

All Interview Waiver Program (IWP) application submittals must be received at a DHL Document Drop-Off Location at least ten calendar days prior to the one year anniversary of the previous visa’s expiration date.

Effective immediately, visa applicants who do not upload their photos when submitting their DS-160 visa application will be turned away and advised to complete their application by uploading a proper photo.  This will usually require the rescheduling of their appointment.  The process for uploading photos is easy and is thoroughly explained in our on-line application.  Avoid disappointment and delay—upload your photo as part of your visa application!

Applicants are to ensure that the DS-160 confirmation number on their DS-160 confirmation page matches with the DS-160 number on their appointment confirmation letters.  Any changes to applicants’ profiles must be made at least 3 working days prior to their scheduled appointment day. It is important that the most recent DS-160 confirmation code matches the DS-160 code on the appointment letter on the day of your appointment. Applicants will be turned back at the Consulate/Embassy if their DS-160 numbers do not match.

As of November 29, 2016, Chinese citizens with 10-year B1, B2 or B1/B2 visas in Peoples’ Republic of China passports are required to update their biographical and other information from their visa application through the Electronic Visa Update System (EVUS) before travelling to the United States. This update must be done every two years, or upon getting a new passport or B1, B2, or B1/B2 visa, whichever occurs first.

EVUS enrollment is available at There is currently no fee for EVUS enrollment.  Until a fee is implemented, travelers can enroll in EVUS without charge. The Department of Homeland Security, Customs and Border Protection (CBP) will keep visa holders informed of new information at


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