Five secrets of wealth that are not written in books

Five secrets of wealth that are not written in books

The best time for success

There is no better time to start becoming successful, changing rapidly and accumulating wealth than right now. The way you live today, determines how you will become in the future.

Look into the distance

When you buy something, always evaluate the thing in the long-term. That is, do not look at how much you normally spend, but how much resources and investments it will require in the future (not only financial but also of labor or temporary).

Unhealthy attitude to money

Many people experience two opposite emotions when it comes to money – love and hate. Love, because you can make purchases and receive positive emotions. Hate, because when there are not enough, there is a feeling that money controls our lives. If there is no money, people take a loan or credit. Avoid emotional purchases and credit cards.

Incorrect programming

Most people believe the money is valuable. This is not true. Money – it’s just a piece of paper. If you put the goal of “I want a million dollars” – it is meaningless. In fact, you say you want a bunch of papers. Do so that the target was real and not just want money. That’s why rich people do not keep their wealth in money.

Money vs. value

Money increases when we focus on the creation of values. It is necessary to learn how to create value needed by others. Then you will earn good money. Why do so many people who have won money in the lottery quickly lose them? Because they did not know how to create and do not create value.


Get value, so you could give one!

No one can give what they don’t have. Have you ever wondered why some apps won’t run on your phone except you upgrade them? It’s because they are outdated. The other day I was trying to retrieve a file from my sky drive and on opening the app I got a notification, said “Google drive is outdated, please get the newer version to continue using drive” and the app goes back off. Didn’t matter how much in a haste I was, I had to download the update before it got usable again.  You see, life is progressive; it’s not a static world we live in, not anymore. The PhD holder of 2007 can’t be compared to a PhD holder of 2017, you know why?, Even though it’s same course, same degree; overtime, Knowledge have passed, information have been improved upon and so, the 2007 guy will have to update his Knowledge base to be qualified to stand shoulder high with the 2017 guy.

You can’t run life on past knowledge; the fact that a particular business style or system was productive last week doesn’t guarantee its productivity this week. You’ve got to understand this truth. In pursuit of destiny, there are some things that will at some point go obsolete, you have to get rid of them, some Paradigms, certain thought patterns, certain approaches, certain systems of operations, they’ll go obsolete, you need to be sensitive enough to know when these periods come and be smart enough to make changes. Doesn’t matter how expensive engine oil is, it is catastrophic to run your car on it for 6 months; you’ll damage your engine. The oil will go obsolete and must be changed at “DUE TIME”.



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