The force of a fighting spirit

The force of a fighting spirit, it takes a fight to fly; your fight determines your flight. You’ll never experience joy and fulfillment out of destiny until you fight for it. Understand that destiny is your location where in you get your allocation. To be out of destiny is to be out of Allocation.

Every operation has certain procedures and forces behind its manifestation. It’s good enough to decide to make destiny, but more importantly is to know the relevant forces involved in making destiny. Your possession in life is largely determined by your revelation in the word of God. And so the force of scriptural revelation is very important in the pursuit of destiny.

The force of a fighting spirit will be considered today; understand that there is No future without a fight. How far you go in life depends on how far you are willing to fight your way through. There is no future for the gentle. To take life in gentility is to pitifully end in the pit. There are four forces that involve the flight of an Aircraft:

  1. THRUST: it pushes it forward
  2. LIFT: it takes it up
  3. Drag: it pushes it backwards
  4. Gravity: weight, tries to bring it down.

For flight to occur the thrust must overcome drag, lift must overcome weight. Once the thrust overcomes drag, and the lift overcomes weight, flight occurs. You must overcome the forces pulling you down and the ones pushing you back to make destiny. Dr Paul Enenche puts it this way: “You need a level of ruggedity and audacity to command authority”. If you give room to timidity, you settle for adversity. You need the bulldog tenacity to take your territories in life. You don’t get what you deserve, you get what you demand. Jacob was a fighter and he became a nation. Destiny demands a fight. Only the violent takes it by force.

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