How To Get Back MMM-2016 MAVRO

How To Get Back MMM-2016 MAVRO

Do you still have your money stuck in MMM? If yes, this article is for you to get back all your money that rightfully belong to you without stress. This secret is to help those that are victim of both MMM-2016 Mavro pause and MMM June/July pause. I advise you to follow keenly to every detail that is contained here.

MMM used to have a rule according to which participants who provided help got their “Mavro-2016” released in the amount of 10% of their PH sum. Besides, if their referral or downline provided help, “Mavro-2016” in the amount of 10% of their referrals or downlines PH sum got released as well, apart from the 10% referral bonus. This rule was intended to intensify 2016 Mavro debts as soon as to intensify the payment of “2016 Mavro”.

Now all the technical problems are fixed, it has been fully implemented. So, people who have “Mavro-2016-Contributions” or “Mavro-2016-Bonuses” (2016 Mavro) can now GH there Mavro(fund) based on these highlighted measures.


The 2016 Mavro are released/defrost in the amount of 10% of participant’s PH sum. For Instance, A PH of #100,000(nominal) will defrost/release #10000(10% of nominal) from “2016 Mavro”, which is GH’able after PH confirmation.


The 2016 Mavro are also released/defrost in the amount of 10% of participant’s referral’s(participants direct downline) PH sum. Note: This is different from “Referral Bonus”. In short you get 20% from your referrals/Downlines PH (10% referal bonus and 10% defrost amount).

NOTE: The “2016 Defrost/Released Mavro” are available for withdrawal(GH) upon PH(nominal) payment confirmation. The rule is working perfectly upon the publication of this Exclusive Announcement.

MMM June/July is expected to be available for withdrawal soon. Implementation for adjustment of maximum withdrawal limit will begin also. With this new mechanism no December pause or break. Although, there are glitches and programmers had fixed it.

In November 2015 MMM Nigeria was launched. Everything was gradual but it all worked well, at this time not a lot people have been exposed to anything like ponzi. Towards the middle of 2016 MMM was now so big with a lot of participants turning into millionaires. Now a lot of other ponzi scheme started coming out with the purpose of getting rich quick, they match people to pay themselves and then eventually match the participants to pay the Admins, and eventually it crashes. So many of this people make us believe MMM is bad, even Nigeria Government at that time.

People lost all their money to those half baked copycats. In December 12th 2016 a lot of MMM participants decided to GH all their money and use for several activity. PH at this time was less than GH and MMM security system called PAUSE MODE was activated to resume January 13th 2017 in a bid to keeping our money safe. Within this time a lot of people PHed to claim the December bonus when activities restart in January 2017.

Unfortunately there was a lot of false media rumor that MMM has forever crashed, gullible and lovely participants were compelled to using their hard earned money and PH other ponzi schemes including DONATION HUB, GHW, DONATION FORUM, GIVERS FORUM, ULTIMATE CYCLER, TWINKAS, PEERFUNDING, CMA, to mention but a few which eventually are nowhere to be found as some of the admins are now multi millionaires after scamming Nigerians of their moneys.

MMM resumed activity as promised a day earlier in 2017 January but unfortunately participants had been scammed of their money by these many copy cats and a lot could not pay when matched to pay, and others who could have paid got scared. MMM took a drastic measure by restricting our mavros GHable when you PH, after other measures were tried. All the copycats died MMM got stronger, they tried to awaken their copycats but they died again, more copycats are coming and they will all die, just don’t put your money in any copy cat again.

Now MMM has launched the Sustainability system which is 100% for 30days. All July and June pending will be GHed in no time, ensure you rule out fear and panic and be faithful and trust MMM. MMM has about 9 Servers that will never crash. It can contain the whole Nigerians from age 18 and above, it can never match you to pay admins. It has a long history of up to 28years. It is in up to 118 countries including China, USA, SPAIN, Italy, Argentina, South Africa etc. It can never Scam you. A lot of people have GHed their 2016 and with this upgrade you will GH yours. Now MMM has a tool for sustainable growth. No more hit and run

As regards to 2016 mavro as well as the release of June/July mavro, some participants are complaining, some others are whining, others are murmuring, and yet many more are hissing and others are muttering while waiting for their 2016 as well as June/July mavro to be released. In so doing, they have refused to align themselves with the current opportunities in the MMM Nigeria system in taking advantage of the 100% mavro. They are scanning every avenue to hear or see the news whether their old mavro is now ready to be GHed, and yet they are never ready to PH, as if there will be any GH without a PH first.

This approach is really not the best, and I will implore any truthful participant to have a change of mind, as well as desist from being negative about the MMM Nigeria system. However, the wise, committed, truthful and dedicated participants on the other hand are PHing in this 100% mavro era as well as GHing weekly in spicing up activities in their POs. Some of these wonderful participants still have 2016 mavro in the system, while majority have millions in their June/July mavros in the system.

But they are driven with passion for the system, having positive attitude and mindset regarding the MMM Nigeria platform. They don’t badmouth nor speak ill or stay negative about the system. They encouraged themselves as well as others assuring themselves that all will be well. They are fully aware that their participation in the system is a generous donation. They know that the darkest of the night is witnessed towards the dawn of a new day. They are well informed that there shall always be light at the end of the tunnel. They are the busy and courageous participants currently steering the wheels of the MMM Nigeria system to total recovery and sustainability.

Therefore, MMM Nigeria participants, know that you are not the only one having money in the system whether 2016, June or July mavro. Everyone is truly affected one way or the other, but most don’t show nor frown at it, knowing that no hope is lost.

In resuming participation, I advise you participate much more wisely: “we MAXIMIZE our earning and MINIMIZE our risk”. For me, striking this balance is the key to a profitable MMM participation. I suggest the following to attain the balance mentioned :

  1. Constantly study the working of the MMM system, the rules, particularly study how the Mavro grows (I’ve been studying the formula used for the the 100% Mavro growth. I’ll give d details here soon).

2.”Two good heads are better than one”. Before taking a major step, discuss with someone who to a greater extent understands the system. That person may not have all solutions, but together you may be able to take a more appropriate decision that will profit you more on your donation and minimize the risk thereof.

So, if u hasn’t started rebuilding your castle, I advise u put yourself together and lay your first brick this week, it doesn’t matter how small the brick. But take into cognizance the above suggestions. Finally, I suggest you have a “RISK MANAGEMENT PLAN”. If you don’t have one, you could whatsapp/call me on 08182874251. We’ll examine some suggestions.

For some of us that don’t still understand the way this 100% works I will hit the point directly and if you don’t understand any part kindly ask questions. For instance, if you PH a certain amount and you leave it for 30days before you did your first withdrawal then you are liable to the complete 100% of your PH.

If you PH a certain amount and *starts to GH in the second week, then you are liable to 50% complete growth of your mavro. If you pH a certain amount and you start GHing at the first week, then you are liable to 30%. If you pH a certain amount and starts GHing at the third week, then you are liable for 80% mavro growth completely. In other words the week you started GHing will consider the percentage you are going to get at the end of your whole withdrawal. So, it is left for you to choose the option which best suits you. Always remember against all odds that MMM 9ja pays.


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