Humanodivinity Synergy

Humanodivinity synergy is humanity correlating with divinity, just as faith correlate with work. Faith is responsibility; you never truly have faith until you take responsibility. The authenticity of purpose places full demand on responsibility. We’ve come to the understanding of the need to make destiny count and have considered over the past week the relevant forces to make destiny. We’ll just go ahead to see the need for responsibility in the place of destiny. No man that takes no responsibility emerges great in life. Every Successful result is a product of responsibility. Understand that there is the God part and there is the human part, and God will never do for you what He has empowered you to do.

I can cook for you for instance, but I won’t be the one to chew it for you, I might go as far as doing the feeding, but you still have the responsibility of chewing and swallowing. The Greatest question anyone can ask is the question Apostle Paul proposed; “Lord what will you have me do?” What is my part to play, what is my role to play, what is there for me to do? You can’t go about life expecting everything to be done for you. You have a place, a part, something cogent you need to contribute in your pursuit of destiny.

There is no excuse for failure, no not one. Everyone must ask what his/her responsibility is, and good news is you’ll be told, you’ll get clear directions from God because the prayer of enquiry is one prayer God can’t ignore. It’s not enough to pray, even after Prayer, there is always something for you to do. God does his and you do yours, it’s called the “HUMANODIVINITY SYNERGY” There is no one who works with God that doesn’t emerges great in life and destiny. Therefore, if now, you are yet to know what to do, go ahead and genuinely pray the prayers of inquiry, He’ll tell you what to do and the moment you realize it, GO DO IT. Faith is a doing force, take responsibility.

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