Integrity is the best policy

Integrity is the best policy. The integrity of the upright shall guide them: but the perverseness of transgressors shall destroy them. To lose integrity is to lose Credibility and to lose Credibility is to lose your place in life. The importance of knowledge cannot be overemphasized as long as our pursuit of destiny is concerned. It’s impossible to walk in wisdom without adequate relevant knowledge. A man who knows what to do and does it is considered a wise man and so we’ve been on a journey to Knowing. Knowing what is needed to attain the very Essence of our existence.

The force of integrity; there is never a future for a crooked man. Whatever it is you will ever get in life, ensure you get it in the right way. Every questionable act degenerate your life’s quality. For every time you compromise, you move close to destruction. The eagle will never eat anything except that it kills it Himself, the lion will not eat any meat that’s not dripping with fresh blood; this is contrary to the vultures that will not eat anything except that it’s rotten and the hyena that depends on the catch of others to feed. Now, compare the eagles look to the vultures, compare the lion’s look to the hyenas’.

The quality of your integrity determines the quality of your life. Corruption kills, bankruptcy of character equals robbery of destiny. There is never a blessing on the man that lacks integrity. You’ll never think of your corrupt political leaders and bless them; the best you can do is to pray God changes them, they don’t deserve a blessing from the citizens, and an average citizen curses them.

Whether or not you receive blessings is determined by the level of your integrity. Short cuts only cut a life short. You need to crave and lobby for value, just be a man of integrity, live true, live responsible, your name will speak for you.

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