Leave your comfort zone and fulfill destiny

Leave your comfort zone and fulfill destiny. I was out with my friend the other day and she said something that got me inspired, she said “life is beautiful, outside your comfort zone”, very true. In medicine, no child ever gets delivered until there is contraction in the process, the womb begins to tightened up, it begins squeezing up, leaving the baby uncomfortable, what used to be a safe haven for the baby then becomes a place of discomfort, this makes the unborn child want to come out of the womb, and then thrives to come out, with enough contraction and enough energy, the baby gets delivered.

You see friends, most times when life gets really uncomfortable, when it squeezes you up, it doesn’t mean to eat you up, it’s simply saying, there’s more it has to offer than what you’ve got out of it at the moment, you just need to step out of the place you used to be, leave that place that’s “OKAY” for you as at now, leave your comfort zone. If you ever get contented with life, you’ll never move to the next level. Until you push hard, there is never a delivery.

At some point in our lives, we must get to understand the purpose of our PURPOSE, there is a reason behind your assignment. For example, the fact that you are called to be a football star doesn’t mean that is all to your destiny, football might be the key to your acquiring enough wealth for something bigger than football, say, to set up a charity, to set up an NGO that will cripple unemployment, to build a school or an hospital. There is something more to that purpose you are pursuing. This is what is called the game within the game.

Suppose Ben Carson put a full stop to his Destiny when he became a successful neuron surgeon, he wouldn’t have been able to impact more lives like his writings, his books are doing now. Understand that God is willing to expand the spheres of our influence if and only we discover the purpose behind our purpose. You are called to be a pastor doesn’t mean that preaching is all to your Destiny; imagine Bishop Oyedepo of Winners’ Chapel limited himself to preaching alone, what would have become of Covenant University? You see; there is a deeper definition of destiny, you’re never done till God says you are done.

 You don’t know what you are doing to yourself when you’re imparting a life. A lot of my happy moment in French Language comes to hand when I’m teaching it to others, not always when I’m practicing. The easiest way to understand a subject is to teach it to others. Life gives you more when you give more to others. If your life has no positive affect whatsoever on others, you’re not really living. Doesn’t matter how hard working you are, doesn’t matter how competent you are, if your life is of no value to others, you are living a lie. Get to understand this truth and live in its reality. You’ll be amazed at the pace at which you’ll run through life.

Preparation is one key to performance, you can’t excel in a thing you totally did not prepare for. The essence of life is destiny but see, there is no future for the idle. The ANT is one insect that catches my attention, they are never idle. You can’t see an ant doing nothing. To expect a life while folding your hands is to experience a life of total hardship. Therefore friends, prepare for the future you expect. You can never be a football star without practicing, doesn’t matter how much you wish or pray for it. Let destiny become priority friends. You can’t feature in a future you do not prepare for. Leave your comfort zone and fulfill destiny.

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