Make free calls and get paid. How much do you spend on airtime talking to the closest people to you? If you spend an average of 5k per month on airtime talking to the important persons in your life, 5NET wants to reduce that to just 750. It is powered by MTN in partnership with 5net. All you have to do is request on our website, you can join the network with your existing number or get a new Sim altogether.

You can make unlimited calls provided that they are in the 5net CUG network. So you can request for your spouse, parents and associates and it doesn’t matter if we are thousands of people, we will all talk for free. It allows everyone who requests to make unlimited calls throughout the month. What is better than this? Nothing!

What does CUG mean? It means Closed User Group.

What is the benefit of joining 5net CUG? Why is 5net CUG different from others?

▪Reduce the amount you spend on airtime monthly.

▪Once your family, friends and associates are in the CUG network, you people can stay connected at no cost.

▪Everyone in the 5net CUG network can talk for free.

▪You earn money as you make free calls to your friends and families.

▪5net CUG is unlimited calls all through the month, unlike others who have limits.

▪As soon as you have 10 of your regular contact (that you normally call, or that normally call you) you don’t have to pay for monthly subscription anymore.

▪5net CUG creates a bond between you and your loved ones and also boost your business relationship.

What do I have to do to enjoy this service?

▪Register on 5net platform with this link

▪Fund your wallet with at least #750 (activation of existing or new MTN number cost #750 monthly). New Sim will be picked up at the nearest 5net office to you. To fund your wallet whatsApp or call 08182874251 now.

▪Login to your account and request for the CUG.

▪Subscribe and use.

▪You can have all your family, friends and associates on the CUG because free users can request for the 5net CUG.

Who are free users?

Free users are those who have registered on the 5net platform but are yet to activate their account with 10k. Registration on 5NET is free, those who register for free are to be regarded as members (Free users), while those who have activated their accounts with #10,000 are referred to as Executive members (with various rankings).

Consequently, everyone (member or executive member) can refer people and earn from the system – CUG request, Consumerism and Referral compensation plan. The system will split members earnings into two, keeping 50% in their savings wallet until it is 10,000, this will enable them activate and become executive members. What this means is that a passionate member who doesn’t have money to activate can still make money from the system through team building, and leadership – which entails getting people to join the 5net CUG, getting people to spend on the platform and getting them to replicate growth by referring 5 people to join this prestigious club of consumers.

5NET is not “another MLM”

It’s a community of people; we have the same goal – Financial freedom. 5NET is also the largest and the fastest growing consumer network in Africa. What 5NET leverages on is “people” and “Technology”. In fact, the guarantee of sustainability and wealth creation in 5net is hinged upon something that “people” do all the time and they will continue to do. Consumerism is that thing that we do buying different goods and paying for different services. Recharge cards, Electricity bills, TV subscriptions, Groceries, Fuel and Gas, Clothing, Travels and Hotels etc. We consume these things and enrich the owners of these businesses.

Thank God for 5net that created a model for us to get something back from our spending. Just imagine how much you have spent on recharge cards since you owned a phone. Now imagine that you get 5% of that amount back. For some people, that money will buy a car. That’s the concept here, when we buy things on 5net platform using cards on the website (online) or the mobile application to pay offline merchants – we get cash back.

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  1. Dr Princess says:

    I have earned and this is so through. My only challenge now is battery life. I need to get a better phone with better battery life cos my family and friends won’t talk fast on phone anymore. They want to tell me everything. 5net CUG rocks!

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