MMM June/July mavro release date

MMM June/July mavro release date. Finally the good news is here, June July overgrown mavros were slashed back to normal growth last week which was a pointer to this mavro release. What a great relief! If the slash is not yet done on your PO, be  patient and wait. Spread the news to your run away down lines. Marvodi and team have always played their parts and we hope participants will live up to expectations this time around. But there are modalities of GHing the released MMM June/July Mavro.

According to Guiders Meeting, Mr. Andrew Told guiders that when Programmers Commence the backdating, they will first of all Pay out initial Amount Donated, and they will Backdate from August 5th – August 1st first.This Statement was also Highlighted in Paragraph 2 of Guider’s meeting Summary. Backdating will soon commence, but only initial donations will be paid first (excluding bonuses for now). What Paragraph 2 guider’s meeting meant is that, When MMM Programmers Commences Backdating, they will start from August 5th – August 1st. And also, what will be Paid to participant first will be only amount donated (No Bonuses).

Then after June Participants have been Backdate for, and everyone has been paid back their initial donations, then, the Bonus increase will then be paid. And when I say everyone I mean from August 5th – August 1st plus All July and All those in June. EXAMPLE: Rasaq PHed #500,000 in July 12th and that #500,000 has now grown to #890,000. Now, once Programmers Starts Backdating and gets to Rasaq’s turn July 12th, what will be released for Rasaq to GH, will be only #500,000. And after everyone who has outstanding in the System has been Paid their own Initial donation, that is when Programmers can then start paying the accumulated bonuses Like in Rasaq’s case, that is when his #390,000 Balance will be released for him to GH.


> The reason why MMM programmers want to adopt this Method of repayment is simply because they want to make sure everyone gets their Initial money donated first before Bonuses are release.

> Another reason for adopting this is to ensure too much Burden will not be placed on the System, which might now lead to altering/Truncating the Smooth operations of the System now.

> And lastly, this Method is to Protect the Interest of all those who falls under the Month of “June”. Imagine a situation were by the system start paying all the money to us at once, and when we got to July 5th many Participants refused to  rePH back into the System, because they have gotten all their own money in the system, and the Programmers couldn’t continue with the Backdating Process.

Those who fall under the month of June won’t be happy at all because they haven’t gotten anything from theirs. Even now that the Backdating has not commenced, Some Participants who falls under “June” are even suggesting that the backdating should commenced with them (in the month of June). Their argument is that, they PHed in June, first PHed before those in July and August, and as such, they are supposed to be matched to GH first too. Now imagine a situation whereby MMM was Only able to Pay August and July Participants, and when it got to the turn of those in the month of June the System stopped the backdating due to insufficient PH in the system that will facilitate their own backdating.

How do you think participants in June will feel? So MMM is only putting in place a Measure of level Playing Field for everyone that is FIRST “gh the amount you phed”, then later you will get the Accrued bonuses on it.


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