MMM is not a Bank – The truth about MMM

MMM is not a Bank, the truth about MMM. The money monopoly was the means by which the State sustained itself and robbed the average person not merely of money but also of economic opportunity by controlling credit. Nothing was more important than to destroy the money monopoly. Those who ruled would have prevented the shift in power by plugging the flood of opinions and ideas, if they could have, because An Illiterate, uninformed public is easier to control. The point of empowering people is to give them the tools to decide on ideas and life for themselves, not to deliver a predigested message. That’s the lesson of Gutenberg, MMM and Bitcoin.

MMM Operations hinges on the principle that not all of us need money at the same time. The day you need money is the day I don’t need money and vice versa, the ability of Participants to get a financial assistance of 30-100% of their initial amount all depends on this Principles. MMM is bridging the gap between the poor and rich. MMM does not print money neither are they into any business, MMM is just the website while the actual donation is done by Nigerians using their individual bank accounts. There is no central account where all this money is going to and nobody can lay a claim to any account where all this money is being donated.

The availability of BVN helps SEC, EFCC ICPC NDIC and CBN to track down on any individual receiving such huge sum of money deposit. For MMM Participants to keep getting this bonus after donating money to one another, there must be a balance, that is the amount of money that people want to Provide Help with must be more than the amount People want to Get Help. To maintain this balance, there must be new participants’ entry and old Participants putting back as well.

Banks don’t just depend on their old Customers to stay in business but rather they must be getting new customers to limit the capital flight their banks Experience. For example, if I have 5 children I pay school fees for and I’m banking with NEW CITY Bank, to still keep that money I’m going to use to pay school fees in their custody, NEW CITY Bank will want the school to open account with them so that I simply transfer the money from my account to the account of the school but still in the same bank. The banks employ this strategy to keep a positive deposit balance to stand in a good state to give Loans. Banks give Loans because not all of us will come to the banks one day to ask for all the money in our account balances.

One day, assuming that we all should go to the bank and ask that all our money be given to us at the same day the banks will not be able to pay. And again assuming a bank like NEW CITY Bank have customers that kept withdrawing money without depositing back, will the bank be able to still give Loans nor even pay workers salaries?  A bank can experience Capital Flight if the customer of NEW CITY Bank for instance withdrew money and deposited it in another bank or paid for goods and services but the provider of such goods and services don’t have Account with NEW CITY Bank, so the bank will keep losing money to another bank but in order to limit this from happening they keep hunting for new customers to keep their deposits balances up and by so doing will be able to give Loans to selected few people creating endless debt in the Society.

For instance I collect a loan of 100m from a bank; the bank does not depend on my ability to return back the money but as long as they have a greater percentage of people that I will spend the money on, they don’t have any problem. Assuming I want to build a house with the 100m the cement dealer, the timbre dealer and other building materials dealers all have bank account with the bank, so the bank Simply give me the 100m which I’ll use to buy building materials from people who also have account with the bank, the money in essence have returned back to the bank meaning they still kept a positive deposit balance, and I will be the one going out there to start looking for more money for the bank.

The ability of the bank to give me that 100m is because people like you have money in the bank and has contributed in shooting up the capital adequacy of the bank hence; they can give me such loan. The problem is that banks don’t give everyone access to this loan thus, giving people opportunity to create wealth more than others, Like what we see with Dangote in Nigeria. So what do we intend to do in MMM, if any bank can give loan it’s not because they print new money but it’s because Nigeria have their money saved in Banks.

So MMM is saying if the banks can give Loans because I have my money in the bank and because we all do not go to the bank the same day, is it not possible we can help one another instead of asking the banks to give us Loans with our individual money? So let the banks simply safeguard the money as they know how to do while we use the money to now help one another without any need for Collateral or paying back. MMM website simply creates the algorithm that arranges the payment in such a way that participants can get such percentage after donating money to one another. Participant don’t keep money in the website, they simply transfer money from one bank account to another bank account either in the same bank or in another bank.

Why have MMM been having challenges and not been able to fulfill its promise?

Capital Flight – Just as I said about the banking system experiencing Capital Flight, MMM do Experience Capital Flight as well. If for example I donated 100k to someone and after 30 days I got help back of 130k, assuming I spent that money in buying clothes or paying school fees, the people I bought the clothes from or the school I’m attending don’t participate in MMM, it has create a vacuum in the community, but the bank as I have explained before still have the cloth seller and proprietor of the school as their customers as well, so the money have Simply left my account within the bank to another bank account in the same bank but that is not the case in MMM Presently. For the system to recover that 30k donated to me by another Participant I need to put back to the community by donating at least 30k back to the community or more, or new Participants coming in to feel in the gaps that I have created after getting help.


  1. Bonuses in the system also contributed to the problem the community was experiencing. Registration Bonuses, Referral Bonuses, Guiders Bonuses, Video Bonuses. All these bonuses add pressure on the community.

Before now as of 2015-2016, Guiders where allowed to GH all the Bonuses accrued to them, this was to enable them grow the community but human greed played it part and they couldn’t meet up with their assigned responsibilities in promoting the community by bringing in new Participants or putting back reasonable amount back to the community so this created a negative balance between the PH Amount and GH amounts in December 2016. MMM website had to pause the donation so as to restore balance to the community, MMM stopped many Guiders from GHing from the community and introduced limits each Guider can GH According to their structure.

10+ guiders: up to 100,000NGN per month

100+ guider: up to 300,000 NGN per month

1k+ guider: up to 500,000 NGN per month

10k+ guider: up to 700,000 NGN per month

100k+ guider: up to 1,000,000 NGN per month

1M+ guider: up to 1,500,000 NGN per m

10M+ guider: up to 3,000,000 NGN per month

And because MMM does not have a central account and these monetary donation was done gratuitously, there is no way people can be forced to donate back so that people who donated money in November/December 2016 can get something back, the system now implemented PH to GH 2016 that is if you have money donated to someone in 2016 you need to start donating again to stand a chance of getting the money back. E.g. if I had 100k donated in 2016 which has grown to 130k for me to receive help from that 130k I need to start donating back again. If I donate, 10% of the amount donated will be released from my 2016 130k, if for example I donated 20k now the system will release 2k from my 2016 130k while also giving me the usual 6k which is 30% of 20k making it a total of 8k, so for the new 20k I contributed I will be getting back 28k after 30 days.

Again if I have someone I brought into MMM, any amount that person donates I will still get 10% of the amount released from my 2016 130k and also get my referral bonus as well, so if for instance I introduced Leo in MMM and he decides to donate 100k, the system will release 10k from my 2016  130k as well as giving my 10k as my referral bonus, so for Leo 100k donation I’m getting 20k, 10k Released from my old money and 10k as referral Bonuses.


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