My Children Are My Investment

My Children Are My Investment. For those who are yet to marry,  for those who are already  married, this is for you,  don’t spend all your income in taking care of your children and forget to save up for your old age. These same children whom you are killing yourself to train today might even abandon you tomorrow, calling you that old man or woman. I am speaking from experience of a father who spent all his earnings to train his children and make them somebody in life, when his wife  was telling him to invest in other business and save for the future,  he blatantly refused saying that “MY CHILDREN ARE MY INVESTMENT” but when he has retired,  he is left alone in the village  without  anyone caring for him but himself, No one to even help him fetch water, how would you feel seeing an old man of 75 going to the well to fetch water, someone with a lot of well to do children.

Thank God for his pension  that the government  pay him monthly  he would  have died of hunger,  none but one of his daughter is the one who remembered  him,  all his so called sons who are working  and earning  don’t send him money monthly, all they do is to take care of their  immediate  family,  buy big phones and cars, they only care for their  immediate  family  forgetting that one day they too will be old and that what ones sow he has must reap too.

Be enjoying in the city while your parents perish of hunger and sickness in the village. Karma will soon catch up with you. This is a wakeup call to those children who have abandoned their parents, your parents welfare should be part of your monthly budget. Have a rethink, they have spent their whole life working hard to make you somebody, it is your turn to repay that debt.

Make it a habit to give at least 10% of your monthly income to your parents and watch how blessed your life will become. Insult me, or hate me if you like, but I must say the truth. God is watching you, and you will never prosper, because of their tears. Thus is a new month make a change today and see how blessed your life will be.


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