How to never lose money on the new MMM 2017/2018

How to never lose money on the new MMM 2017/2018. Someone inbox me and said “MMM is dead”, I laughed because I knew he is ignorant of what MMM actually is. If the worst case which is restart happens in MMM Nigeria today, I give it 4 weeks, everything will come back smoothly. New and Old participants will participate actively than now. You know why? It’s because MMM is not a scheme or program. MMM is an Ideology that cannot die. So saying people are scared, people are losing hope, etc. Is it not same people that are participating in 100% and are enjoying it? There is room to take a break and when you feel all is fine, you can jump in back.

100% mavro growth is like a Spare tyre which the vehicle (MMM) is using temporarily pending when the main tyre (2016, June/July mavros) is fixed (released). And now that the main tyre is fixed; “on the 20th of October, the option to acquire Mavro-100% will become unavailable. After October 20, you will be able to acquire Mavro-50% only. Mavro-100% acquired before October 20 will not be converted into 50%-Mavro; they will continue to grow by 100% per month and will be available for withdrawal on the usual terms”.

“The substitution of Mavros-100% by Mavros-50% is related to the fact that the System has got stronger and gained momentum after the release of Mavro in August, and there is no need to stimulate the dynamics by fast growing Mavro-100%. Now our key priority are sustainability, reliability and, as their outcome, creation of new opportunities for the repayment of old Mavros. Last week, we already released the contributions made on August 1. But it was just a beginning, we need to achieve more. Let’s work together and make our Community more sustainable and stronger! We are changing the world!”

Here is the strategy that has helped Guider Kevin C a lot to be on his fit when things don’t go as expect. Any money that leaves his hand, be it borrowing someone, physical or online investment, donations and pledges, he assumes it’s gone forever.  He is not expecting it back. If it comes back, it’s a good deal for him and if it gets stocked and does not come back, it becomes a fair deal. He doesn’t get hurt and depressed. He moves on to the next thing straight up because he has already written the money off the moment it leaves his hand.

Meanwhile, always participate with the volume of money you can afford to lose. It’s called “Spare Money”. Don’t get “Greedy” because nothing is *100% Certain*



  • No December break again but it depends on participant. Other platforms have come and gone and MMM is still here.
  • Only spare money or small money is encouraged.
  • if you ph huge amount of money you may not be matched completely so ph small amount like 20k, 30k, 40k, 50k. You can split your big amounts into smaller amount but make sure it is your spare money.
  • 10% of 2016 mavro is released from each ph you make and each ph your down lines make
  • Do not fear or panic during this December. Participant need to continue phing and ghing uninterrupted so that they won’t have any frozen mavros again if not the next available option could be restart which neither of us want. A so ph small amount that is not house rent, not school fees, not light or water or hospital bills and certainly not feeding money.
  • Change your attitudes; don’t cancel ph when you have been matched. Be sure you are ready to pay before you request to ph. If you cancel ph request you make people panic.
  • Now no media or government is against MMM again. The greatest enemy now is fear and panic, please shame this fear and panic and destroy it so you can move forward.

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