I Pledge to Nigeria My Country

I Pledge to Nigeria My Country

Arise ye compatriots

For merry has reached your shores

Forgotten kingdoms of the south

Come party to the drums of nepotism

Saddened minds of the east

Come dine with the incompetency of Baba

Folded necks of callous sin hators

Let us celebrate this error of Lugard

For it is the fest of Oktober


So that when we search for what we celebrate

Our naked minds are pushed to ask

Why we lament upon this day of joy

The executive elephant stinks of bribery

And only the unfortunate rich enjoy the scent of it

The 109 grey hairs cost us too much

Let them wither away from the nation’s core

But yet the classrooms decay of neglect

And bones of the chalk system in dearth of flesh


Who will judge the not incorrupt wig caps?

Bare tools of propaganda even in their supremacy

The ever flying bird of Mo hammers doo

The lackadaisy upon account

For our recovered treasures

I speak not still of the madness

To see an advocate hold three bars

Anonymous to his intellect

While Mr Ordinary has not

Heard his dead radio whisper in weeks


Our heroes long past

Suffer not the youth to grow old

Waiting for the future that you still hold

So we mop still in dependence

Awaiting your not unusual parole

Spare the hypocrisy and give

These young psyches a hole to breath through

Get the stolen children of Tha sou ki

spoils of the war of Ah bar sha

And put out the fire in our houses

Make justice no fool and let her smile

To the gates of kiri kiri in her Majesty

if her patience did not get her the luxury hotels


Be wise ye kingmakers of Zuma rock

Tie not your hearts to bags of grains and salt

For your seeds deserve better taste

Forbid your ignorance to reappear

So they do not again take in two thousand

and nineteen sadly lay to you

Drunks of the capital wine

Let your pot bellies become flat in transparency


And so what a feast we indeed celebrate

Our greens are faded now

And our whites are pale with stains

Our hearts sunk in pain

Bleeding from the wounds

That came from the dance of freedom

Our forefathers suffered.


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