Quran says Jesus is greater than Muhammad then Muslim must become Christian.

God is not particular about religion but in you knowing him in love and truth. Quran chapter 3 v 68 just as Abraham did God tries to tell us that both the bible and Quran came from him. Read this and you will see a clearer picture right from the Quran the confession of a Muslim (Joseph Mario) who converted to Christianity (this is not a matter of religion but knowing GOD). True fact the truth is already revealing, while am working in a Muslim moscheet, as an imam, as a parish priest, once I preached in my parish the Jesus Christ is not God.

For me, God only was Allah, and I believed Allah never got married, so no sons for Allah. So I preached there that Jesus is not God. Then some Muslims asked me, “who is Jesus?” from the crowd. A Muslim but he asked me, who is Jesus? I was preaching he is not God, but the question was, “who is He?” To know who He is, I read the entire Quran once again: 114 chapters, 6666 words are in Koran. When I read it, the name of the prophet Mohammad I found in Koran 4 places, but the name of Jesus I found in 25 places. There itself, I was little confused.

Why does the Quran give more preference to Jesus? And the second thing, I could not see any women’s name in Quran: the prophet Mohammad’s mother’s name, or wife’s name or children’s name, no. in the Quran, there is only one women’s name that I found: MARYAM the mother of Jesus. No other women’s name. And in the Holy Koran chapter 3, the name of the chapter is “Family of MARYAM,” and the Holy Koran chapter 19, the name of the chapter itself is “Mariam.” one chapter is “MARYAM”.

So I was very curious to know “Why does the Quran say all these things?” about MARYAM,  holy Quran chapter 3 verses 34 onwards says that MARY was born without original sin, she never committed any sin in her life, she was ever Virgin. Koran chapter 50 verses 23 say that she went to heaven with her physical body. Even the Assumption is written in the Holy Koran. And then about Jesus, when I read chapter 3 verses 45 to 55 verses, there are 10 points which the Koran makes about Jesus.

The first thing Koran says, (phrase in Arabic) the Arabic word which means “word of God,” and the second thing, (phrase in Arabic) which means “spirit of God.” and the third is (phrase in Arabic) which means “Jesus Christ.” so Koran gives the name for Jesus: word of God, Spirit of God, and Jesus Christ. And then Koran says that

Jesus spoke when he was very small, like 2 days old, after his birth. He began to speak. Koran says that Jesus created alive bird with mud, he took sum mud, formed a bird when he breathed into it, it became a live bird.

So I think that he can give life. He gave life to mud, clay. Then Koran says that Jesus cured a man born blind and a man with leprosy, etc. continuously the Quran says that Jesus gave life to dead people; Jesus went to heaven, he is still alive and he will come again. When I saw all these things in the Quran, my thinking what the Quran says about Mohammad. you know, according to the Quran, prophet Mohammad is not the word of God, not the spirit of God, never spoke when he was 2 days old, never created any bird with mud never cured any sick people, never raised any dead people, he himself died, and according to Islam He is not alive and He will not come back.

So there is a lot of difference between these two prophets. I didn’t call Jesus, God, you know, my idea was he’s prophet, but He is prophet greater than Mohammad. So one day I went to my teacher, the one who taught me 10years in Arabic college, and I asked him, “teacher, how did god created the universe?” then he said God created universe through the Word. Then my question: whether the word of God is creator or creation? Quran says Jesus is word of God, if my teacher says that the word of God is creator, which means Jesus is a creator. Then Muslim must become Christian.

Suppose if he says the word is creation; they’ll be trapped. You know why? He said everything is created through the word. Suppose if he said the word is creation, then how did God create the word? So he cannot say that the Word is creator, cannot say that the word is creation, so he was quite angry, he pushed me out of his room and said, ” Word is not the creator not the creation, you get out from me, ” he said, Quran: chapter 10 verse 94, and they say Word is not the creator, not the creation, but not God also, so they don’t equal with God, that’s all their problem.

So when he said that, I told my teacher, “word is not the creator, not the creation”, that is why Christians say the word is son of God. Then he told me if there is a son of God, I must show him the wife of God, without wife no chance of having a son. Then I showed a portion from the Quran. Koran says that God can see without eyes, God can talk without tongue, God can hear without ears. It’s written in the Quran. I said if that is the case, he can have a child without a wife. So there we have a big argument, and you know at the end what I did? I took my Koran, put it on my chest, and I said Allah, tell me what I should do because Your Koran says Jesus is still alive, and Mohammad is no more.

You tell me who should I accept”, after my prayer I opened the Quran, I didn’t ask anyone, I asked only Allah. When I opened Quran, I saw chapter 10 verse 94.

You know what Quran says if u have any doubt in this Koran which I gave to you, go and read the Bible, or ask the people those who read the Bible “The truth is already revealing that” Holy Bible is true word of God. God of universe, Jesus Christ, praise lord! From this I concluded that we should stop religion violence but serve God in love as Abraham did and let’s look for God’s love and will rather than fighting our selves.

We are brothers and sisters, love of God is what we should be showing to the world as Abraham and we should fear God and let us forget about religion and doctrines but let us find God and fear HIM and love our self not claiming religion supremacy God has done it the way he wishes we should not be killing ourselves, he can fight for himself without us if he wishes to do so he has many way he can do it. My message to you all is to love God. Love one another. Fear God and do Good. Don’t serve idols, believe in God and you will make heaven just like Abraham. Simple!

All what we are killing ourselves for is not worth dying, for they will all perish. It’s on God that will remain what is your gain, if you gain the world but loses your soul and you lose God who creates all that you are running after. Don’t you think that if you run after the manufacturer not the manufactured, you will get everything, think about it today and let us change the world together.



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