Stars are not born, they are made

Stars are not born, they are made. If you do not follow up purpose and give it what it takes, you’ll remain a mediocre. If you want to be a football star for instance, no amount of prayer, fasting and wishing will make you one; you have to build yourself into becoming a star. What makes Destiny count is what is in your inside, and understand that there is no depot without a deposit. You can only withdraw from an account that was first deposited into. No account by default is capable of being withdrawn from, there has to be a deposit. You are born with potentials for Greatness, but whether or not you become great is up to you. Work yourself into manifesting your dreams.

You are totally responsible for the outcome of your life. No one will help you live out the decisions you made, you’ll live with it. Choices either make you or mar you. Don’t let pressure push you into making a wrong choice, doesn’t matter whether or not someone or something put pressure on you; if it results in you making a wrong choice, you’ll be the one to take the heat, not them. If a man’s family for instance pressurizes him into stealing, the day he gets caught, he’ll be the one to be locked up, not his family.

A lady for instance, is pressurized into marriage either by age, friends, or family; if it turns out she ends up marrying wrong; she’ll be the one to live with it, all her friends or family will say to her is to endure. But she’ll be the one living in hell, not her family or friends; even age won’t make it any easy. That’s the power of choices. Your choice determines your lot, it’s that simple. Learn to make the right choices. Never let anyone or anything pushes you into making life’s choice, never make a choice because someone said so, and make a choice because it’s the right one.

We all need Jesus for direction, Jesus is real, realer than whatever it is you’ve touched or seen. He is so real, his reality surpasses every other reality in existence. I tell you this because I know it; I’ve lived in this reality. The man is really real. His words are not just letters, they are life. His comfort, his love, and his words, there’s no feeling that can compare. He is willing to make himself real to you too. He wants you to live in his love; He wants you to know He cares about you, He’s aware of your worries, your fears, He knows all friends. Please give it what it takes to experience his presence and love. It’s an experience you can’t miss. Press for Him, you’ll find Him. He’s waiting for you, he’s counting on you. He loves you. Press to get Him, you’ll find him.


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