To Tithe or Not to Tithe

To Tithe or Not to Tithe. First, whoever initiated this conversation deserves our collective sympathy – not because there are no phony shepherds who exploit their flock to feather their nest. Not because there’s anything wrong with inspiring this sort of conversation. Away from that! The debate on tithing is not so much about who’s right or wrong, as it is with most metaphysical issues such as good and evil, essence and existence, etc. It’s about the covert intolerance demonstrated by those who are against the practice.

Now, spiritual matters are SUBJECTIVE, and as such, people should enjoy the freedom to make choices and live with the consequences, insofar those choices constitute no harm to other persons. Each of us reserves the right to spend our money as we dim fit. Some would rather pop into the club and splash it on the laps of some strippers, drink the night away, or invest in a business, meet family needs, etc. So, I find it particularly intrusive questioning a man how he expends the product of his own sweat.

Folks like Freeze will do well to know where to draw the line between social liberties and public criticism. Because there’s the temptation to muzzle people and deny them their freedom to make choices under the guise of liberating them from some religious slavery. Our humanity is a futile expedition if we can’t appreciate the humanity of others, especially in respect to their convictions which are subjective, as it were.

Calling people names and questioning their belief and convictions just because we think we have a superior argument is the height of social intolerance.

Whether we think tithing is right or wrong, we must learn to leave every man to his own CONVICTION. It will be nice to engage our Government on the 2018 Budget and forget what people do with their own money.

By Gilbert Alasa

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